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At Sentinel Environmental Solutions, we use only the highest quality materials and equipment available in the industry. Our CEO and founder oversees every project, and strives to maintain critical path construction deadlines.

Source: The City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Engineering, Department of Building & Safety

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We specialize in all things soil gas and soil vapor related. We’ll test your soil, engineer plans to mitigate the concerns, and then install anything and everything that we design.

Methane can be found in high levels in certain areas of California that are near landfills or abandoned oil wells, not just in Los Angeles! We often see Methane in Ventura County, San Diego, San Francisco and Orange County.

All areas highlighted in pink are considered to be in the Methane Zone. Those in purple are in the Methane Buffer Zone. Testing and possibly mitigation are required in both areas as a result of their special zoning.

Methane is an odorless, colorless, and highly combustible gas. While it sometimes occurs within the city limits naturally, it is typically the result of oil wells, oil refinery activities, or landfills. If certain criteria and situations are present, an explosion can occur as a result.


When dealing with a project site within the methane zone, have the property soil tested to determine the level of gas present.
The probe testing typically lasts twenty-four hours, and the resulting soil gas samples are sent to a laboratory for analysis.


Almost all mitigation requirements begin with testing. Therefore, to test a property, we install a series of probes at varying depths. We then collect samples from the probes and send them to a laboratory for analyses. The testing typically takes two days to perform, and then it takes another week to analyze the data in a laboratory and report back.


The design can get under way once testing is complete and reported. First, our engineers take the data from the test reports, and then combine it with jurisdictional requirements. Once all the requirements are known, our design team can then customize the mitigation design to the building footprint. As a result, your project can successfully meet all city and county requirements for protecting the structure against known hazardous gasses and vapors.


When all the plans are complete and approved, our team of professional contractors mobilizes quickly to install the methane mitigation system. Most of the system is below grade or under the slab. The system consists of a passive venting network, risers, and an impervious membrane. Our system consists of a passive venting network, risers, and an impervious membrane. In addition to the constructing the highest quality system, we strive to offer the most timely and efficient construction services in the industry. We work in the building schedules’ Critical Path, and as a result, understand the responsibility to the construction schedules success. At Sentinel Environmental Solutions, we are the best at what we do, and we lead with strong logistical experience and expertise.


In addition to our installation services we provide all methane system testing as well as work closely with system inspectors. While the building jurisdiction outlines the system inspection requirements, we handle the coordination of deputy or city inspections.